Write.RateMyServer.Net: The User Created RO Bible

Hello and welcome to write.ratemyserver.net, a user created sub-section of ratemyserver.net. In an attempt to better serve the RO community, we are now seeking Ragnarok veterans to participate in building this section of our site together.

Here at W.RMS, our goal is to provide a central space to preserve RO knowledge from experienced players and we need every help we can get. In this section of the site, you can register as a contributor to share your knowledge about the game with other players.

To make the writer’s effort worthwhile, each piece of writing is allowed one sponsor link and a graphic of reasonable size. It can be used to promote the server the writer is playing on, as a link back to the writer’s personal website or the writer can find sponsor for the link-back in case there are interested party. More details about this can be found here.

Basically, any writings about quests, character classes, leveling, PvPing, WoEing, game controlling, or newbie handbook are all welcome. Please keep in mind that we are looking for quality guides (preferably with mini-map/screenshots), writings are subject to approval by our team before it can be published on the site.

We hope this section will grow into helping RO to gain new players in the future while allowing current players to discover new elements of the game. So, if you are interested in spending a little time in writing quality guides, walk-throughs, or any useful RO information, please consider starting here. If you have written guides elsewhere, you are welcome to copy the content here as long as it is original work of yours.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get start!

85 Responses to “Write.RateMyServer.Net: The User Created RO Bible”

  1. I am Hoping Rate My Server will provide more updated quest and monster database and map database…
    If can provide more exp reward quest will be appreciate by me and my friend.

  2. hope u add more speed downloads and more stuff

  3. heheh…..it will be more cool if u gonna put some
    tips on how to earn money easly in RO

  4. Hope RMS.NET will update more Quest database, stats of Homun. Maybe more flash game of RO! Heheh…

  5. keep it up the good work! 2 thumbs up!

    yeah more tips on zenny making..

    and more info! weeeee!

  6. I Hope Ratemyserver can make or get a file that replace’s
    KRO Sakray Without Downloading huge 1gb+ of file >.<”

  7. Awesome site, keep it up. A quest guide could be nice and all those items that no monster drop nor are sold on stores, where can they be obtained? some info on that could be good.



  9. Hope RMS.net really can update monsters, items, quest, n more. So far the site has helped me alot except some areas which would b helpful if updated to see more accuratly wat hp, items u can actully get n just not 4 show! SO far So GOOD!

  10. Some items don’t have any guide where w/c we will get them?

    just isn’t specified how to obtain it ^^

  11. <3 this idea i allready posted a guide , i hope its published soon!

  12. make your search engine not to specific becoz other players cannot find there searching of
    like pulifor= brigan or the wrong spelling like example wind of vendure but the correct spelling is wind of verdure there are lil confusement on the items make ur engine smarter and convenient eheheh like the serach engine of other toolbar do you get me huh

  13. and the division of mvp drops or rare items so that it can be easily find duhhhh

  14. this site is the best but sometimes they are late in new items.. =) keep it up guys..

  15. uhmm..better put somemore guides and shortcuts
    but thx RMS.net is a very good help to me..

  16. CORRECTION!!! that was RMS.net is a very good help “for” me..not to

  17. i think ratemyserver.net they should give a guide for many quest in ragnarok for example

    like in a answers guides or many more info`s

  18. Keep up the good work, you guys/ladies are doing a good job

    i know how to find info, but most of the info i can find on here

    base and job exp quest not bad idea tho, its just alot of the server had there own way of doing or change things in them.

  19. Hope be the best and perfect web anything about RO :3

  20. I am Hoping this web will provide more updated quest and monster database and map database…
    and updated future RO episode.and exactly have new menu like faq or tips.

  21. i think RMS should update every changes in the game.. like quest , monsters , items , and even those Headgears of coz.
    because alot of the item that we’ve been searching for.. is unavailable through here.. we just wonder where to get it. by the way.. RMS helps alot so far .. keep it up the goodwork!

  22. Tnx to ratemyserver.. Number one tool /guide for RO.. /no1
    More power guys.. /kis
    and for my suggestion, like what BITS has been said..
    PVP Simulations, where i can calculate my damage etc…

  23. This website help me a lot,hope you keep the great work!
    but,this site need more items info,some of them dont say where get them
    Anyways,this is site is great



  25. hi , good servcice thanks. :)


  27. i suggest at server search
    you should add average number of people playing on the server that listed
    sry for bad grammar

    this rms is three thumbs up

  28. hi…iam from valkyrie server hope u will put some fo future wiki.. and char stimulator so dat we have guide and on how to adjust in our stats. thank u

  29. I would first like to point out that this website has been particularly a great help to me. I believe it’s quite handy in all aspects of the game.

    To those giving suggestions, when you say some items don’t tell you how to get them, at least specify on what items aren’t shown. No one is going to remember everything about 10,000+ items.

  30. I hope this site will add a database which shows all the god items. it will help a lot for RO gamers. especially for me of course.:>

  31. i think this web is great, because almost all information that we need in ragnarok are here.

    Add stat calculator will do great. Thx

  32. juz like other say,three thumbs up for rms,thx for the staff of rms,thx for the info,thx for everything.but i would like if u got more info for godly item n lvl 4 making info^_^

  33. This site is great and has helped me many times. Although it is not as extensive as Doodler, I like the interface and simplicity of finding the info I need.

    As for suggestions. Continue the progression of RMS at your own pace. Dont sweat the nerds /gg

  34. pls update for quest of unseal all the godly item

  35. Nice. nuff said

  36. Hello!! this site is really good it’s information about RO is almost complete and It help me many times,

    I think It would be better if you put a Guide for every Job! ^_^

  37. rms needing a massive update on hats, items etc…

    PS: I <3 RMS

  38. I hope RMS will give some explanations about some quest (like Valkyrie Items Quests) ^ ^

    RMS Help me soo much in my game experience!!!

  39. wowowee !!

  40. hope u all will add more quest
    cause many quest still haven’t added…

  41. this site is awesome
    i found many sites of ro

    keep going

  42. what happen to RMS test server when i delete that i can’t connect to the private server the screen that i in counter is the Server of RMS……..

  43. I would be awesome if you could add more quests and link any items used to those quests, like The Sign quest and hard ones like that.

  44. Dudes keep up the good work. I’m just wondering in you guys can create an “Visual Stat and Skill Simulator”. Is it possible to do that. Some of the players especially *noobs* I guess need thaht thanks and more power

  45. RMS is a the greatest help to any player of RO can have.

    Hope there would be the guide for the rental items and the guides for status point & the additional status points from each job there is.

    and of course the inevitably PvP Simulation XD

    anyways.. thanks RMS for making our RO-Lives easier

  46. RMS.NET is d best RO source information
    for all of us RO Player in INDONESIA
    Keep up the good work
    /no 1
    hidup RMS !!!

  47. Hmmmmmm?~… so many responds here hehe i hope there is a quests guide

  48. More POWER RMS.net!!! <3

    I <3 the SITE…
    I <3 the ADMIN…
    I <3 RO
    I <3 you ALL! ^_~

  49. Heya, RateMyServer.net has been a big help for me I’ve used it ever since I found out about it :>, I hope the site becomes more successful :D

    Good luck to all you RO players :)!,

    If you play International Ragnarok Online add me on my msn ” [email protected]

    Or if you are in server Chaos pm my character
    ” -: Shuffle :- ” or if you play Nameless RO pm me im ” R e g g i e ` ” Im mostly in Pront/Payon/Izlude Pvp on Nameless RO :D

  50. Keep up the good work!!!

  51. I love RMS.NET it ROCKS when they put random questions in job changing quests.And could anyone tell me where crystal blues are sold?

  52. its nice gv us alot help. hope it provide dual screen download here

  53. ratemyserver.net is the best. Because when you Search Items,Costumes,And Any Servers of Raganarok etc. Only can find here. I love this ratemyserver.net Im always Looking for items etc.

    This is very Sucessfully and Very Nice to look it! :D!

  54. RMS….Keep up the good work….Thanks for the guides


  56. Ooooh! I can’t wait to start on these. :3

    Kallel, orc warriors drop them.

  57. Great site!!! I miss Ragnamart, but this one is getting better and better! Keep it up!

  58. I Love RMS! best site 4 ever but i just wish they had that “SData” thingy download..
    i’ve been looking for it for long time but havent found
    so i had 2 download sak setup 2pts

  59. ratemyserver.net is the best resource for RO info!

    If you hate this game why are you posting here silly, go do something you like to do.

    I re-posted my thanatos draft~! Any help uploading the 100s of images would be lovely~!

    Why are my screenshots being cropped? The upper right corner is needed to display the in game map!

  60. yeah!!! Best source of RO info. RMS.net.. We Rely on this site there’s no other site could outdo ur hardworks for making this site.. Hope to see more updates… ^_^

  61. Hope be the best and perfect web anything about RO :3

  62. ei….!!!!!!!!!!!! TNX for the guides and help…
    keep up the gud work!!!!!!!
    HOPE u will be mor sucesful!!.XDDDDDDD

  63. I personally would like to see a different link to where we can see when you updated the item db. That would be of great help instead of scrolling through from A-Z.

    I have seen it on other websites and its cook.

  64. hi guys…Congratulations to rate my server for getting this far…i hope there will be new character in RO as im getting boring playing RO with same character…thx in advance..

  65. Hi i lover rms i just wish the monster database had a search engine similar to roempires where we could search by exp, race, element, size or level

  66. hope RMS.net will upgrade all database…from mobster to wing craft to quest database… please specialy the headgears…thx and more power to RMS…you change my RO life…

  67. i hope that they will publish information about RO2 ^_T

  68. this website must be updated in all times especially for gamers who find a real explanation about the RO games.

  69. tnx alot to you!! rms.net helped me alot on doin quest ..^_^

    4thumbs up including my two thumbs in mah feet^_^

  70. i wish it could be nice :)

  71. nice web it is, but i guess if you put some guide about Quests in IRO world, that would be nice also help us a lot. well Keep IT UP!

  72. I hope RMS have a Status simulator until lvl 999.

  73. i love ratemyserver.net…….its helping me much…..thx to you who worked on this web………keep it up………..thumb ups x 99999999999999999999 infinite for ya hehehehe (>_<)

  74. I’ve been using RMS for about 2 years now and it’s one of my favourite sites ever. so many resources and DAMN!! so much server hosting and advertising.. Best RO / P. Server hosting site ever and from now on.

  75. thanks for this features

  76. hi this site is very useful to other rag fan

  77. RMS has been my resources since I started playing RO last year and your site is a big help.

    I hope you update your quests database… lots of update to keep up.

    Thank you so much

  78. >.< Ok not that I would want to give you too much advice but whatever GM announced the regular maintenance gave less then twenty second for everyone to log out.

    This kind of action can lead to duped items/zeny, or lost items.

    A count down would be nice. 1 minute, 30 seconds, 10 seconds. Then kill it, but the whole 20 second thing with little to no warning is just poor management.

  79. Hi everyone… And thanks for all the info what i founded here xD… RMS.net is really… REALLY nice about info in Ro.. BUT.. i guess the only problem here is The Languaje… some people dont understand nothing about english… well… thats not my case xD….

    if you can put a option in the web to change languaje will be really apreciate it

    thanks again … AND RMS.net 4EVER

  80. hi,,guys its the best guide-website that i have know since i play RO, Its the Best!!


  81. Hope RateMyServer will put up more about what card a Wizard needs, what card an Acolyte needs, and so on and so fourth. And, I hope that RateMyServer will put up what each of a kind a monster’s weaknesses are.

    I also hope that RateMyServer will put up tips on where a level 60+ Wizard can train, and other jobs, too.

    And infos on items if it is expensive, medium or cheap.

    Thank you RateMyServer for all your help! I appreciated it!!!

  82. Thanks RMS for all your help! Mwah!

  83. umm… just update some corrections like the flywing bec. it is not salable nor usable anymore… you can just add like the monster drops.

  84. Thanks for everything… xD i hope you would stay longer… xD

    Number 1 RO site… xD keep up the good work… xD

  85. great site here, thanks but need somemore upgrade :)