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Server Rules

So you're interested in testing builds on the RMS test server? Before that, you must read through the following rules carefully.

General Overview:

  • The test server is here strictly for testing. Do not try to use it to make any type of long term character. If you do decide to make a character, you will break into tears when you read the next bullet.
  • Full server wipes are done every month. This is done to prevent excess data to build up on the server.
  • There is NO support for issues in-game. These are STOCK eAthena SVN builds. Bug reports, npc scripting errors etc are not to be reported on our forums. You may go to to report server bugs.
  • Scripting errors related to our monster summoning system or anything we pass out may be reported on our forum.
  • Our SVN builds are updated multiple times monthly to keep up to date.

Player Guidelines:

  • Please do not harass other testers in an unfriendly manner. Do not treat them how you do not want to be treated. If you're mentally stupid, please go on an isolated map and enjoy yourself.
  • There are no GM's on the server. However, we do have loyal players who will report any problems going on within the server. If we find out that you're plotting to spam every player on the server, you will be banned permanently. Likewise, if you're planning to nuke the United States, you will be handed over to the CIA.
  • To all pottymouths: STAY OFF OF THIS SERVER. Try to keep a clean and friendly environment for testing AT ALL TIMES. That means racist, sexual, viral, vulgar, or adult content stays off of the server.
  • To minorities out there joining this test server: Please don't do anything to promote stereotypes against your people. Thank You.


We are not held responsible for the content you download or view on RMS site. Please do not blame us for offensive content found on the servers or within the game itself!

Also, our SVN versions will most likely differ from the server you are playing on. If the testing results do not match your server's results, we do not "suck". We're just trying to keep updated to match the majority.

Thank you and enjoy!

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