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1. I am seeing "NO MSG" or Non-English item and skill descriptions in game.

Our patch now includes the translated item files (.txt) and translated skill description files (.lua). You shouldn't get this problem if you have our latest download that include the data folder.

2. I am getting a "Failed to connect." message.

First check the server status, if the server is down, please make a topic in our forum's RMS Test Server section to report the problem.

If the server is up, then you could be connecting to the wrong server. Possibly one of the servers you previously installed. In that case:

  • a) Make sure you followed the steps in our How to Connect? Section.

  • b) Double check and make sure your clientinfo.xml's IP is the IP we provided at the How to Connect? Section.

  • c) Try to use the client exe that we recommended under the How to Connect? section (Step 2). If you are using your own client exe, please note that some client exe's are hexed to bypass the data folder. It will not read the clientinfo.xml that contains the IP of our server, thus preventing you from connecting to us.

Other FAQs:

Please click here to go to our forum's Test Server section to look for your answers.

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