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Player Commands

Here is a list of commands everyone on the server can use. Please do not abuse your privilege and treat others the way you want to be treated.

The parameters needed for each command can be seen by typing the command without any parameter. There will be an usage message to aid you how to use the command. Alternatively, you can type @commands in game to see the list of avialable commands. This documentation created by rAthena will also help you with the command usage.

Custom Monster Summon System:
We aware that the rAthena default monster summoning command may be abused if anyone can use it. Thus we created an item that will summon a monster with restrictions:
  • Everytime you login, you will have a minimum of 50 Test Branches.

  • These branches are programmed to allow you to summon any monster you want. Just double click the branch and enter the ID of the monster you would like to summon in the input box.

  • For a list of monster ID you may use @mi <monster name> to search for the mob info and it will tell you the monster's ID. Or you may use the monster database(or the re-monster database) to find out a monster's ID.

  • You can summon a maximum of 50 monsters, after that it will not let you summon anymore until you relog or input 1 to a Test Branch to clear the monsters attached to your character.

  • To get rid of all monsters you've summoned, use a branch and input 1.

  • To get more branches if you have less than 50 of them, use a branch and input 2.

  • If you do not have any branch left and would like to get more, simply type @item 321 <insert amount here> to obtain the amount you want. In other words, the item ID of the branch is 321.

  • Upon logging off, all your summoned monsters will be killed.

  • If you discover any errors with this item, please let us know by contacting us in our forum.

Information Commands:
  • @commands - Displays a list of @ commands available to the player.
  • @help/@h/@help2/@h2 - Displays list of commands and usage messages.
  • @ii/@iteminfo [Item ID|Part of item name] - Show Item infomation (item ID, type, price, etc).
  • @idsearch - Find an itemID based on item name.
  • @whodrops [Item ID|Part of item name] - Show who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rate).
  • @mi/@mobinfo/@monsterinfo [Mob ID|Part of monster name] - Show Monster infomation (mob ID, rates, stats, drops, etc).
  • @mobsearch [Mob ID|Monster Name] - Locates and displays the position of a certain mob on the current map.
  • @showmobs- Locates and displays the position of a certain mob on your mini-map.
  • @skilltree - What skills are required to get this skill.
  • @skillid - Look up a skill by name.
  • @hominfo - Display player's Homunculus information.
  • @homstats - Display player's Homunculus stats.
  • @who/@whois - Returns list of logged in characters with their position.
  • @whomap [map] (optional) - Returns list of logged in characters with their position in a specifical map.
  • @where [char name] - Locate someone on a map.
  • @gmotd - Displays the motd file to all players.
  • @showdelay - Shows/Hides the "there is a delay after a skill" message.
  • @showexp - Displays/Hides Experience gained.
  • @rates - Displays the server's current rates.
  • @version - Displays SVN version of the server.
  • @uptime - Displays how long the server has been online.

Commonly Used Commands:
  • @die - Suicide your character.
  • @alive - Revives yourself from death.
  • @heal - Heals yourself to full HP/SP.
  • @killable - Allow other players to hit you out of pvp.
  • @changesex - change your gender to the opposite sex.

  • @statall/@statsall/@allstat/@allstats - Set all your stats to maximum.
  • @stpoint - Give you stat points.
  • @str - add or minus your str stats.
  • @agi - add or minus your agi stats.
  • @vit - add or minus your vit stats.
  • @int - add or minus your int stats.
  • @dex - add or minus your dex stats.
  • @luk - add or minus your luk stats.

  • @allskill/@allskills/@skillall/@skillsall - Gets all skills for your class (except quest skill, in that case use @questskill).
  • @questskill - Permanently adds quest skill. Use the skill database or @skillid to look up the quest skill id by name.
  • @lostskill - Permanently removes a quest skill.
  • @useskill <skillid> <skillv> <target> - use a skill on target. -- Sorry, too much abusers.
  • @skpoint - Give you skill points.

  • @reset - Does a skill/stat reset.

  • @blvl/@blevel/@baselvl/@baselevel <number of levels> - Raises your base level the desired number of levels. The max is 1000.
  • @jlvl/@jlevel/@joblvl/@joblevel <number of levels> - Raises your job level the desired number of levels.
  • @job/@jobchange <job ID> - Changes your job. Typing @job without a job ID will tell you the list of available job IDs.

  • @zeny - Give you the amount of zeny specified.
  • @item <item ID or name> <quantity> - Creates an item of your choosing, either Item ID or Name.
  • @item2 <item name or ID> <quantity> <identified_flag> <refine> <broken_flag> <Card1> <Card2> <Card3> <Card4> - Gives you the desired item.
  • @produce <equip name or equip ID> <element> <# of very's> - Creates weapon of desired element.
    Element: 0=None 1=Ice 2=Earth 3=Fire 4=Wind

  • @refine <equip position> <amount of +>- Refines all weapons in your items list. @refine 0 10 will refine everything you equiped to +10.

    Here are the eAthena equip position numbers:
    • 256 => Upper Headgear
    • 512 => Middle Headgear
    • 1 => Lower Headgear
          (add up the number if your headgear cover more than one part, ie. top mid low = 769)
    • 16 => Armor
    • 32 => Shield
    • 4 => Garment
    • 64 => Footgear
    • 136 => Accessory
    • 2 => Weapon

  • @repairall - Repair all broken items in inventory.
  • @storage - Brings up your personal storage wherever you are.
  • @storeall - store all your items to storage.
  • @itemreset - delete all your items.
  • @dropall - drop all your items.

  • @speed - Sets the speed you can walk/attack at. Default is 150. The lower the faster.
  • @go <number/city_name> - Warps you to a city.

    City Number
    -3: (Memo point 2)1: morocctr5: izlude9: yuno13: niflheim
    -2: (Memo point 1)2: geffen6: aldebaran10: amatsu14: louyang
    -1: (Memo point 0)3: payon7: xmas (lutie)11: gonryun15: start point
    0: prontera4: alberta8: comodo12: umbala16: prison/jail
    17: Jawaii18: Ayothaya19: Einbroch20: Lighthalzen21: Einbech
    22: Hugel23: Rachel24: Veins

  • @warp/@mapmove/@rura <map> <x> <y> - Warp yourself to a certain map, (x,y) coordinates are optional.
  • @save - Sets the current position as your spawn point (aka save point).
  • @memo - Saves a warp point.
  • @jump - Warp to a random spot on the current map. (aka fly wing)
  • @jumpto/@goto/@warpto <char name> - Warps you to a selected character. Removed for crash-happy abuse.
  • @load/@return - Warps you to your last save point.

  • @makeegg - Creates yourself a pet egg, have to use Pet ID.
  • @hatch - hatch an egg.

  • @makehomun <6001-6016 are the homun IDs> - make Homunculus.
  • @hlvl/@hlevel/@homlvl/@homlevel - level up your Homunculus.
  • @homevolution - evolve your Homunculus.
  • @homfriendly, @homhungry, @homshuffle - Homunculus commands.

  • @marry, @divorce - Marry and divorce players. -- Too much abuse, removed. Get marry the Church way...

  • @mount - To get a job specific add-on such as Robot for Mechanic.
  • @mountpeco - To get a peco to (un)ride.
  • @option <param1> <param2> <param3> - Set your character display options. Ex. @option 0 0 128 to get the level 2 cart. -- Abusable, removed. There is an Universal Rental NPC near South Prontera fountain if you need cart, falcon or peco (or use @mountpeco).

  • @guild - Creates a guild.
  • @glvl/@glevel/@guildlvl/@guildlevel - level up your guild.
  • @gstorage - Brings up your guild storage wherever you are.

Other Available Commands:
@autoloot, @away/@aw, @changegm, @changeleader, @duel, @invite, @accept, @reject, @leave, @exp, @refresh, @homtalk, @identify, @main, @me, @memo, @noask, @party, @partyoption, @petrename, @pettalk, @model, @size, @dye, @color, @haircolor, @hcolor, @hairstyle, @hstyle, @npctalk, @petid, @petfriendly, @pethungry, @reviveid2, @feelreset @whereis

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