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2012-06-20 New Client Package:
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- IP stays the same.
- Extract to your RO directory and run "RMS-2012-06-20.exe" to connect.


This server will only serve for testing purposes, which means you are not recommended to use this server to develop any type of long term character(s). However, testing builds, strategies, quests, drops, etc are welcome.

On this server you will have a lot of commands that will help you to do magic with your characters. You can get any item you want, be able to go to any map, change your job, alter your level and job level, and have all +10 equipments. Just go to the command list and see for yourself.

The server is running on eAthena, you can type @version in game to check the SVN version. It will be updated as often as possible to sync with the latest development and the other private servers out there. Since this is a test server, we do not intend to keep a huge amount of data like your local private servers. We will have full server wipes about once or twice a month in order to reduce the amount of data stored.

This server will be up 24/7 and in case of crashes, there is an auto-restart script that will start the server again (unless something serious happens...). It is on a 100mBit shared connection and is located at the east coast of the United States for the most compatible pings around the world.

Basic server Information

On the server, the max base level is 500 and the max job level is 255. The max amount of stats is also 255. The rates are 1x/1x/1x. War of Emperium is on 24/7.

There are no strict rules except that you have to respect others players. There will not be any support so please do not ask for support of any kind. If we have the time to support a server, we would be running a real server instead of running a testing ground for everyone. So if you get sprite errors, get connection errors, or have problems with a command, it's not our responsibility to help you out. There is a section in our forum devoted to this server that you may be able to get help from, if you are lucky.

So is the server IP and 6900 is the port number (6901 for third job server). If you already know everything on how to connect then just start right away and register with the _M/_F method. Otherwise, go read our section on How to Connect? and How to Register?.

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